Cutting Discs For Stone

Excellent performance with very good service life and fast cutting, offer specific solutions with quality results in multiple applications. Suitable for cutting all types of materials present in buildings such as marble, cement, stones, limestone. They are available in the following dimensions: 115×1.5mm / 13000rpm (A60RBF), 115×3mm / 13000rpm (C30RBF), 125×1.2mm / 12200rpm (C60RBF), 125x3mm / 12200rpm (C30RBF), 180×3mm / 8500rpm (C30RBF), 230×1.8mm / 6500rpm (C60RBF), 230x3mm / 6500rpm (C30RBF).

• Reliable performance in your work
• High quality construction
• High strength
• Long service life
• High safety standards

Available in a box of 25 pieces (nylon package per 5 pcs)


Technical Data

Disc Diameter
115mm / 125mm / 180mm / 230mm
Hole Diameter
Ø 22.2 mm
Suitable for
marble, cement, stones and limestone
Maximum Speed per minute

13000rpm / 12200rpm / 8500rpm / 6500rpm

Disc Thickness
1.2mm / 1.5mm / 3mm
ΕΝ12413 | ISO9001
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