Cutting Disc for Steel Dynamic Inox

The new “Dynamic” cutting disc INOX KRAUSMANN® of the Dynamic series, is high-strength, suitable for demanding work and precision cutting. Available in a colored box of 25 pieces (airtight per 5 pcs). It is available in the following dimensions: 115×1mm, 13000rpm (AS60VBF), 125×1mm, 12200rpm (AS60VBF), 230×1.8mm, 6500rpm (AS46VBF).


Technical Data

Disc Diameter
115mm / 125mm / 230mm
Hole Diameter
Ø 22.2 mm
Suitable for
Maximum Speed per minute
13000rpm / 12200rpm / 6500rpm
Disc Thickness
1mm / 1mm / 1.8mm
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